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Imagine What Growth Bands Can Do For You!

Our functional resistance bands stand out from traditional bands because they are specifically designed for multi-directional movements allowing you to hit a variety of angles while engaging both stabilizing and supporting muscles. They are also equipped with slip resistant technologies that combat sweat while allowing you to put in serious work and move in a variety of directions. AKA, bands that don't slip and slide!

Let The Growth Begin

What people are saying

I don’t go anywhere without my bands! I use them in and out of the gym and am seeing so much progress already. Can’t wait for Arica to come out with more! Definitely recommend to anyone trying to step to their workout game!

Karen C.

These things are great! My favorite thing about them is the flexibility they give me with my workouts. I can use them for my lifting exercises or my plyometric workouts without having to constantly adjust them like traditional bands.

Yony B.

I love these bands, they don't slide and are easy to adjust, they also make you look and feel like a badass warrior ❤️💪

Galaxia P.