Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the science behind Multi-Use Resistance Bands?

A: Our functional resistance bands stand out from traditional bands because they are specifically designed for multi-directional movements allowing you to hit a variety of angles while engaging both stabilizing and supporting muscles. They are also equipped with slip resistant technologies that combat sweat while allowing you to put in serious work and move in a variety of directions. AKA, bands that don't slip and slide!

Q: What type of training pairs best with the Multi-Use Resistance Bands?

A: The Multi-Use Resistance Bands are made for not only elite athletes, but also for beginners, intermediates and advanced persons to increase coordination, explosiveness, speed, agility, promote glute growth, add resistance, and improve overall functionality. I believe in being an overall, functional athlete that's strong in many areas, not limited to just one. These bands were created to make you stronger and more elite in a variety of training capacities.

Q: Are the Multi-Use Resistance Bands suitable for both male and female?

A: Yes, absolutely! We encourage both male and female to incorporate them into their training regimen.  No weak sheep around here!

Q: Can the Multi-Use Resistance Bands also be used on your ankles?

A: Yes! The bands can be worn and utilized on the ankles. In fact, the straps can be worn on any part of the leg. More How-To workout videos to come!

Q: What sizes do the straps come in? 

A: The straps are ‘One Size Fits Most’, allowing you to adjust the slip resistant strap to fit comfortably while you train! Each leg strap is 64cm long.

Q: What is the Resistance Level of each tube?

A: Our Red Bands are equivalent to 25lbs of resistance; our Black Bands are equivalent to 20lbs of resistance.

Q: How the heck do I put these things on?

A: Videos are displayed below. (:



Q: What workouts can I do with the bands?

A: Refer to Arica's Instagram page and Youtube channel for workout videos. Programs and Band specific videos are in the process of being made and will be released soon! xoxo